Buick Rejuvenation

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As car brands grow, they are identified with certain demographics. A Benz flashes by on the road, and we think one thing about the driver. A ’91 Honda Accord limps in our rearview, and another demographic pops into our head. Buick recognizes that their demographic is identified with the older set (read: geriatric), and while they seem to have no desire to lose this group, they are setting their sights on a crowd that’s a bit fresher.

To start this journey, Buick has Dave Lyon, executive director of North American interior and global cross-brand design, to begin to implement changes. Lyon is confident in the brand’s rejuvenation, according to an article with autoweek.com. Changes will be both visually and technologically based, including tinting of glass and “…a trend toward electrification of powertrains.” Our auto shipper companies know how important it is to reach different demographics in order to keep a company alive – because of this, we wish Buick good luck in these changes and look forward to seeing the fruits of that labor.


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