Ford Censors

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Censorship has finally reached the road. According to an article with, Ford is using their technology to help keep teen drivers safe from inappropriate material. The article says, “The automaker will announce…that it will create a system that allows parents to block 16 channels on Sirius Satellite Radio that could carry raunchy programming.” The […]

Mustang Sold

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Many companies are realizing what they will need in the New Year, and what will be best for their products. The auto industry is no exception. shared in late December that, “Ford is surrendering Mustang’s sales leadership to General Motors and its Chevrolet Camaro for the first time since 1985.” This trade comes at […]

Snow Tires: A Necessity?

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As the much of the country was buried by a blizzard that dumped as much as two feet of snow in some areas, drivers were cautioned to stay home. While this is sound advice, if one has to venture out during winter (as we all eventually have to do), the Detroit Free Press offers one […]

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