Snow Tires: A Necessity?

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As the much of the country was buried by a blizzard that dumped as much as two feet of snow in some areas, drivers were cautioned to stay home. While this is sound advice, if one has to venture out during winter (as we all eventually have to do), the Detroit Free Press offers one piece of advice.

Invest in snow tires.

Many people seem to think snow tires are an unnecessary cost. They think if tires are “all-weather”, than they must be good in every season. This has proven time and time again as not true- all the cars spun out on the highway as soon as snow begins to fall proves this as fallacy.

The article with the Detroit Free Press details why it’s so important to switch out tires as soon as snow begins to fall. The article says, “The tires use a special rubber formula that gets a good grip and remains flexible at low temperatures. Their tread pattern is designed to compact and grip snow.”

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