Warranty Blunders

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Many of our blogs focus on the latest car news or what’s coming up for autos. For this blog, the writer decided to offer tips to help the average car owner in keeping up the quality of their current automobile. I found an article with AOL Autos that supplied lots of useful insight to a much-aggrieved subject – car owners staying within the perimeters of their warranties.

Many of us have (naively) voided our warranties by doing things that we wrongly think are insignificant. The article, written by car expert Tom Torbjornsen, sheds light on the top five mistakes that void warranties.

Torbjornsen recommends using the fluids “specified by the carmaker.” He also tells the reader to keep every receipt – it will come in handy as proof if there is a problem later. He also says do not do anything wild with tires and wheels – modifications like suspension, etc. Two other valuable tips – don’t modify the car and do not tow your car without the proper equipment.

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