A Special Visit

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As the economy slowly recovers, we realize what a team effort the climb back to success is. According to an article with freep.com, this effort is being recognized by a few prominent leaders in our country.

Transmission manufacturing plants reopened in late November in Kokomo, Indiana, two years after they closed due to Chrysler’s bankruptcy. Jerry Price reflects on the day when he walked through the plant after the doors were closed and the workers were let go in the article: “None of us, including myself, ever though that this place would be running again.”  After the plant shut down, Kokomo’s unemployment rate soared to over 20%.

However, with the help of the government bailout, the transmission factories are reopening their doors. To note this American success story, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visited the plants. Though the auto bailout was already in place before Obama came into the presidency, he added more money to the heap that Bush put into motion.

Our auto shipper companies applaud our government’s efforts to take the time to congratulate those who worked so hard to get back themselves back on their feet.


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