Audi Revolution

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Audi is stepping up its game, right at our fingertips.

According to an article on, Audi will be releasing an even more convenient navigational system in their new A8. This “luxury flagship” is available for purchase in November for $80,000.

Traditional navigation systems are slowly being outdated by newer navigational systems in phones and the fact that they are just so darn inconvenient. Older systems have a keypad much a like a computer does, and the driver must tap on each letter until the system gains enough information to supply options. The A8 will instead have a screen installed into the center consul that is touch sensitive – that is, the driver can literally draw the letter on the screen. Like the older versions, the device will supply possible destinations after it garners enough information. But this one does not require the driver to take their eyes off the road for nearly as long as the old model does.

Our auto shipping companies can’t wait to sketch on the new touch screen ourselves, and hear what our customers think of the technology once it is released in November.


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