Welcome the Leaf

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Reservations aren’t just for popular restaurants. Consumer excitement is mounting for the wave of the future – electric cars. Nissan is enjoying this elevated excitement, as they reached their goal sale number for the new all-electric Leaf. According to an article on USAToday.com, Nissan obtained 20,000 reservations for the electric wonder. This goal was met […]

Scootin’ In

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Looks like BMW’s Mini brand is not content just to stay in the car business. According to an article on USAtoday.com, Mini shared three concepts for a Mini Scooter E at the Paris Motor Show in late September. Apparently, the E stands for electric. Clever. Reportedly the scooters will be, “spontaneous, flexible, CO2-free mobility. Using […]

More than Forty?

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Chevrolet may have more to brag about with the new electric Volt than originally projected. An article on freep.com reports that Chevrolet may be able to promote its Volt as being able to obtain 50 miles on battery power alone. Previous numbers claimed that the Volt could only go for 40 miles before the gas-powered […]

CarMax Doing Well

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Although reports claim that the recession is officially over, Americans are still on shaky economic ground. Fortunately, some companies are reaping the benefit of this trend. The Detroit Free Press reports that CarMax experienced significant growth in their second quarter. CarMax, a chain of used car dealerships, announced that its profit increased almost 5% in […]

Mike Jackson Spots More Fault

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Apparently, the recession is teaching the auto industry more than just to save pennies. Mike Jackson, CEO of Auto Nation (America’s largest car retailer), has been vocal these past weeks analyzing the auto industry’s failures, how they plan to fix them and hope for the future. Jackson pinpointed, “the practice of building more cars than […]

Tension with China

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Tension is rising as new technology is about to made available to the public. As electric cars become closer and closer to being made for public consumption, negotiations between America and China are becoming strained. According to an article from the Detroit Free Press, China is hoping, “Foreign automakers wanting to produce electric vehicles in […]

Ford Rumors Settled

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Mark Fields took the time last week to quiet some concerns about the rising pension numbers for Ford next year. At a Society of Automotive Analysts event, Fields addressed the statement made by Chris Ceraso that Ford’s earnings will be affected per share next year. Fields stated, “Our pension expense for 2011 will increase moderately. […]


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Sometimes it takes a troubling experience to realize previously made mistakes. UAW President Bob King is no exception to this rule. After a near death experience, King is publicly reflecting on where the Union has gone wrong over the past years. According to an article on freep.com, King “acknowledged that the union failed to anticipate […]

Volkswagen Moves Forward

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Volkswagen has made an ambitious goal public, and they seem on the right track to achieve it. After announcing plans to be one of the largest automakers in the United States by 2018, Volkswagen is making the right moves to get there. VW announced plans to open a $550 million engine production plant in Mexico, […]

Chrysler Crisis

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Chrysler has had one bad week for press. The car company just announced the suspension of a group of plant workers who were caught getting inebriated during lunch breaks. The ten to twelve workers were busted by local Detroit television station WJBK-TV. Apparently, another worker noticed the behavior and tipped off the station. WJBK then […]

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