Chrysler Financial Sold

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The U.S. economy’s suffering is no secret from the rest of the world. A few smart decisions prove to be fruitful for other countries as they take advantage of cheaper buying prices for businesses that may be worth the investment.

The Detroit Free Press covered one thus business deal in late 2010. They report, “Toronto-Dominion Bank has agreed to buy Chrysler Financial, the automaker’s old lending arm, from private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management for $6.3 billion.”

According to insiders, this purchase is to help, “…accelerate growth in the U.S.” If American business is good, then every country involved with America’s business improves as well.

Cerberus bought the business in 2007, but didn’t seem to glean much success from the purchase. A stable foreign business hand may be just what Chrysler Financial needs to thrive again.

Our auto shippers service applaud this kind of forward thinking and are excited to see how the deal plays out.


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