Chrysler Ready to Overhaul Vehicle Brands

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Ever since Fiat took over Chrysler, things have changed. And by changed, I don’t mean small things like changing your sheets on your bed or changing your dog’s water bowl; I mean major changes, like competely overhauling the Jeep and Dodge brand names. The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is already on showroom floors and its a major improvement over its predecessor, and now Chrysler is looking at taking the next step and overhauling the Dodge brand name – in addition to all its models.

Auto transport companies have been moving massive amounts of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and now Chrysler wants to take the next step with a completely redesigned Dodge Charger and a new, as-of-yet unnamed crossover vehicle (a new Nitro?). Chrysler is looking into becoming more friendly with its customers as well, with new plans for dealerships akin to what Ford has done with theirs and what GM is looking to do with theirs.

Today’s Chrysler isn’t your parent’s Chrysler, that’s for sure – they’re looking at coming back with a vengance, and with Toyota slipping, that’s a very real possibility.


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