Congratulations to China Automotive Systems, Inc.

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Auto Shippers is proud to see a quality automotives company making waves in the business world.

China Automotive Systems Inc. ranked 23rd on Fortune 2010’s “100 Fastest Growing Companies” list. This list details the top domestic and international companies that are excelling in revenue, market capitalization, major growth over this year’s quarters, as well as other deciding factors.

China Automotive Systems Inc. is one of only two auto parts companies that made the list this year. CAAS, also known as “The Company”, produces quality power steering components and systems. The Company functions through nine foreign joint ventures and is founded in Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China.

CEO of The Company, Qizhou Wu, is quoted on, “…we are proud to be selected among other fast-growing U.S. and international companies. This achievement is more encouraging given the turbulence of the global automotive markets in recent years.” CAAS does have a lot to be proud of.


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