Consumer Reports Takes Volt for Test Drive

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And the results are in! General Motors provided the Consumers Reports staff with two of their new Chevy Volt full-electric vehicle, and editors at the magazine were impressed with the car based on its on-road performance, space, and comfort. The editors claimed that the vehicle had many nice touches, such as a built-in circuit tester and in-car indicators that allow consumers to see how the charging is going as well as how much charge is left. Also, there’s a “ping” method, which means that if the vehicle isn’t charging properly a light will blink in the vehicle signaling that there is a problem.

Auto transport companies are excited about the new vehicle, because the more the vehicle gets hyped the more people buy, and the more people buy a new car the more new cars they have to ship, which means lots of money for the auto transport industry. But Consumer Reports has put a seal of approval on the Volt, which could be great news for Chevy when it finally releases the car later this fall.


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