Creating Opportunity

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Too often nowadays, all we hear about is the end of things – closing of factories, businesses shutting their doors, people losing jobs. Auto Shippers would like to keep you updated on the positive outcomes of these “ends” in our economy, and how companies are turning an end into a change.

Many vehicle manufacturing plants were abandoned by General Motors as times began to change for the car business since 1980. Several of these buildings have been empty for decades – leaving the surrounding towns a reminder of what once was and is now no longer. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, people have decided to turn one of these long abandoned plants into hope for what will be.

Kaiser Aluminum, Seneca Medical Incorporated and Candlewood Suites have all set up shop in the $30 million renovated facility, providing ample career opportunity for Michigan residents. Several other smaller companies moved into the facility as well.

A large investment by all involved, and an investment already proving to be a wise one.


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