Detroit Finally Back On Top

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Ever since the 1970’s Detroit auto makers have been falling behind in the quality department, thanks to innovations from Japanese companies like Toyota. Toyota has long been known for their quality products and has topped the quality lists for close to thirty years, but now, they’ve fallen behind Ford and GM in that regard. Mainly it’s because Toyota has been in some major hot water of their recalls (and just recently another recall has been announced), not to mention the fact that Ford and GM have stepped up their game in the wake of the bailouts (though Ford didn’t declare banktruptcy or take any federal money).

Auto transport companies have noticed a marked decline in the number of Toyota vehicles being shipped, while at the same time more and more new Ford and GM vehicles are moving across the states. This is great news for Ford and GM because sales are increasing while Toyota’s sales are dropping, which means that both companies are gaining valuable market share that Toyota is losing. I have nothing against Toyota – I drive one myself – but they’ve really dropped the ball in the quality department in recent years. It’s just good to see another American company taking up the slack.


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