Enter Coda

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‘Tis the season for giving, and start-up car company Coda just received a large gift from Hertz car rental company.

According to an article with USAToday.com, Hertz has decided to, “…offer Coda electric sedans in California starting next year.” This is a huge break for Coda.

In the electric car market, their car going at $44,900 is a sharp incline from the $32,750 price tag for the Nissan Leaf. Besides the higher price, consumers are more likely to buy a car from a company that is already established and well known – rather than a new company charging much more for a similar product. Coda claims to have a “longer range” than the Leaf, but in a consumer’s eyes, our auto shipper companies aren’t sure this is going to matter.

The exposure through Hertz may be just what Coda needs to get their car sales going. We wish them good luck in their endeavors.


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