Fiesta Fiasco

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Delays in Ford Fiesta deliveries were due to a part malfunction, Ford says.

In the last week of August, Ford had to call back a shipment of over 6,000 Ford Fiestas because a part was found to be faulty. According to the Detroit Free Press, this is Ford’s second shipment delay of this particular model since it was released to the public.

Of course, delaying a shipment of cars and fixing the problem before delivering to the consumer is a better option for Ford than having to declare a recall on the vehicles. In apology, each Fiesta customer was sent a letter of apology, which included a $50 gift certificate.

All the Fiestas were brought back to a plant, where the problem was corrected and the cars were then shipped. There are another 4,000 cars that will be inspected for the malfunction before they are sold to the public.

Auto Shippers commends Ford for a swift call to action and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with their customers.


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