Fit Problems

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If you are a Honda Fit owner and have been experiencing headlight problems, you are not alone. reports that the government has began an investigation of the subcompact car. Several consumers have reported, “that the vehicle’s low-beam headlights stopped working.” The investigation will include 133,000 cars produced from 2007 to 2008.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also promptly got involved – they received eight different reports of low-beam headlights not working properly. According to the article, the problem can be alleviated by changing a wiring harness connector and headlight switch.

Our auto shipping companies would like to take the time to recommend to any Fit owners to bring the car into your local Honda dealership as soon as possible. Even if a recall has not occurred yet, a simple fix will save you time and stress later. Thanks for keeping you and yours safe on the road.


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