Ford Censors

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Censorship has finally reached the road.

According to an article with, Ford is using their technology to help keep teen drivers safe from inappropriate material. The article says, “The automaker will announce…that it will create a system that allows parents to block 16 channels on Sirius Satellite Radio that could carry raunchy programming.” The selected channels play scandalous programs and music, such as, “…Stern, Playboy, Hip-Hop Nation and Raw Dog Comedy.”

This new system will come into play in late 2011. The censored program is part of Ford’s MyKey system, which also limits speed and audio level. This system is doing well in tests, “Ford says 60% of the parents it surveyed liked the MyKey approach, because they get to be the censors.”

When teenagers are concerned, this writer thinks most drivers on the road will be grateful for certain restraints. For more reasons to be grateful, visit our auto shippers website.


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