Ford’s Four

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Ford keeps getting better with every day, and news for them is going to be even better for next year.

According to an article with, Ford will have four vehicles in their fleet that will boast a 40 mpg. This is monumental for one car – but it looks like Ford will have these bragging rights for four of them. The fuel-efficient vehicles include the Fiesta subcompact, the 2012 Focus compact, the Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedans. These numbers have been certified by the 2011 EPA ratings. The EPA Fuel Economy Guide claims that Ford is the only car company able to brag about have so many fuel efficient cars in their brand.

Ford’s VP Barb Samardzich shared, “A few years ago, Ford committed to making fuel economy a top priority companywide. Our hybrid vehicles led the way, and this new wave of powerful, refined gasoline engines is reasserting the company’s leadership positions.”

Our auto shipper companies think this is a fantastic accomplishment, and would like to send congratulations Ford’s way.


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