Gas Prices on the Up

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If Thanksgiving costs reflect future trends, than traveling for Christmas this year may get a bit costly for those going long distances this holiday season.

According to an article on, Thanksgiving gas prices soared. “The national average for a gallon of regular gas was $2.87…that’s up 14 cents from the $2.73 average at the start of October,” reported

As the economy goes up the incline, so do gas prices. The same article claims that the average gas price cost 25 cents more than they did in late November last year.

Our auto shipper companies hope that Santa will come through this year and somehow magically manage to keep gas prices low. This kind up of spike in prices is typical around high traveling holidays, but remains a blow to our wallets nonetheless. We recommend shopping around a bit before deciding on your gas provider – in this case, three cents may make a difference.


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