GM Approaches Bailout Payback with New Strategy

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General Motors is ready to complete their bailout deal with the government, and it looks like they may be going to foreign soils to get what they need.

GM received a $50 billion loan from the government through the bailout program, and has paid back $6.7 of this loan back. Rumor has it that GM is, “expected to court foreign investors as well as those in North America,” according to an article on

According to the same article, there is talk that General Motors is in conversation with SAIC, a company owned by the Chinese government, about, “buying a stake in the Detroit company.”

As talk increases of General Motors being able to convince companies across the world to invest in their company, government hopes rise that the debt owed will be speedily repaid. The government may start receiving the $43 billion as early as mid-November.

Our auto shipping companies thinks GM should have no problem interesting foreign investors in a piece of their company – especially with the electrical vehicle buzz for the next few years.


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