GM Creates New S. American Sales Region

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General Motors has, since its inception, been a global company. And, for all those years, all its international sales has been handled by the GM International Operations division – until now. Ed Whitacre, the new CEO of General Motors, has seen the South American sales of GM vehicles skyrocket in recent years – in fact, Brazil is the third largest market for GM, and he wants to capitalize on it. Auto transport companies have been shipping vehicles to and from South America in record numbers, and now GM wants to give it its own fair shake at sales by creating a brand new department just for South America.

The new sales department will be directly controlled by Jaime Ardila, who answers only to Ed Whitacre, and the president of the new division is Denise Johnson, who has been handling sales in South America and Brazil for a number of years now. This could be a major stepping stone for GM in their sales in South America as the division will have much more autonomy now than ever before – I wouldn’t be surprised if S. America jumps ahead of China in the sales department.


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