Into India

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Ford is looking ahead, and its sights are set on India.

Ford sees India as a sweet spot for growth – after investing $500 million in the country, the company plans to add eight more vehicles to the Indian fleet. In an article in the Detroit Free Press, Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa, explains this move. He says, “We believe the Indian market at the end of the decade will be the third largest auto market in the world behind China and the U.S.”

Exact numbers aren’t being made public yet, though Ford shared, “investments will be significant.”

Certainly, Ford will take note of the models that have been successful in India while considering the next models to be released in the future. As incomes rise in India’s major cities and families can afford vehicles, Ford’s small and affordable vehicles, such as the Figo, saw major sales.

Auto Shippers applauds this wise investment, and thinks Ford will do well on their future endeavors.


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