Jaguar Delivers

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And we at Auto Shippers want one.

Just when we thought Jaguars couldn’t get any cooler. In Pebble Beach, California, Jaguar revealed that they actually could. In the British company’s new XJ75 Platinum, Jaguar makers are adding a touch of class to their already posh dashboards.
Instead of including the traditional digital clock found in the majority of cars, Jaguar went one step further. The luxury brand asked world-renowned watchmakers Bremont to create a clock for the car. Brement certainly delivered on this one, producing a mechanical clock with a face similar to those seen on traditional grandfather clocks. reports what Bremont’s co-owner Giles English said about the collaboration, “Jaguar is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury cars and a great British brand. We are very proud to have been asked to make this clock for their XJ75 car and were keen to make something different for Jaguar. As such rather than a quartz clock we have created a beautiful mechanical clock that also has a chronograph function.”


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