June Auto Sales Up and Down

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According to the Detroit Bureau, the auto industry has posted a 14.4% sales increase in the month of June, but that is actually down from the sales numbers posted in May, despite being up over the year before. This is puzzling to auto transport companies who moved roughly the same volume of cars in May and June – usually sales numbers directly affect shipping numbers. This is why things are so weird about these numbers, because they really don’t make a whole lot of sense.

GM sales were up by 36% in June, which is the sixth consecutive year-to-year increase, and Ford posted a 15% increase in June; however, they’re still down by almost 13% across the board from the month of May, and Toyota, Nissan and Honda have all posted increases from 2009 but major decreases from 2010. The main reason is that the economy has appeared to weaken somewhat since May, but the auto industry is still optomistic about their July and August sales numbers, which are typically strong.


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