Keep Improving

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Toyota is hoping to plug into the electrical car industry in a big way.

As government regulations tighten on car companies and the average fuel efficiency expectations, Toyota announces its hopes for a large improvement in the near future.

Toyota plans to improve the miles per gallon of their cars by 25% from 2005’s numbers by the year 2015, according the Detroit Free Press. Toyota plans to do this by “ensur[ing] wider market acceptance” of hybrid cars that are charged by being plugged into an electrical source and of electric cars. Besides new models, Toyota is also creating a RAV4 model that is powered by batteries. Toyota is banking on selling many plug-in hybrids, and is expecting to sell many fewer models of the electric car.
The plug-in car will be able to charge by simply being plugged into the average household outlet.

Auto Shippers is anxious to see how these plans play out, in hope that these projections do prove true, for economic turnaround as well as environmental preservation.


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