Keeping Our Children Safe

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Now, applying green logic to school buses is bringing safety to our kids as well.

GreenRoad, a company known for improving driver safety and efficiency, has joined forces with Atlantic Express Transportation Corporation, who provides a large majority of school buses in the United States. Atlantic Express has chosen to incorporate GreenRoad’s 360 services, which includes real-time feedback technology to aid drivers in their travels.

With GreenRoad’s technology, drivers will be helped in their decision-making at critical times, greatly reducing the risk and rate of accidents by the technology. Before this technology, drivers were prepared for the road with traditional refresher courses on driving and safety tips. Incorporating this new system, as well as keeping the classes, will hopefully improve drivers’ safety more so than before. reports that GreenRoad customers experience a 50% reduction in accidents as well as a 10% improvement in fuel use and emission testing.

Auto Shippers likes to see how companies are working together to improve our world and the safety of our children.


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