King’s Declaration

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The hubbub about General Motors returning to the stock market has created lots of interest in the company. Shares are over $30 a pop, and consumers are excited for what General Motors has to offer in the next couple of years.

According to an article with the Detroit Free Press, UAW is working hard to make sure that GM’s workers are reaping all the benefits of this promise. During his interview with CNBC in late November, President Bob King took the time to note the efforts GM is making to reassure their workers of job security. “…the union will remain focused on keeping GM viable next year as it negotiates a new contract that helps workers share in the upside.”

King seems excited about these possibilities, but remains grounded. He says, “Our members have faced a lot of insecurity…They want to know they have a job, that they have some security long-term. We need to have jobs in America.”

Our auto shipper companies like King’s strategy.


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