Leaf Rules

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Buzz for the Nissan Leaf has been big, and now Nissan has even more reason to celebrate the new vehicle.

According to an article with the Detroit Free Press, the new electric car, “will get the equivalent of 99 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, based on government testing.” While other numbers were released, one major one stood out to this reader’s eye, “EPA’s tests estimate the Leaf can travel 73 miles on a fully charged battery and will cost $561 a year in electricity. Nissan has said the Leaf can travel 100 miles on a full charge.”

The Leaf can be fully charged within 7 hours.

While there is much excitement about the new numbers that were released in late November, there are other factors to consider in mileage per gallon. Largely, where the cars are being driven and what the condition of the road is.

Our auto shipper companies are extremely impressed, and we can’t wait to purchase one of these electrical models for ourselves.


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