Loyalty Affected By Owner Satisfaction

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J.D. Power has recently done a new survey about customer loyalty to a certain brand name, and the results are surprising, to say the least. The new survey says that the more satisfying a product is, the higher a customer’s loyalty to that product will be. Shocking, right? Product-related factors such as the vehicle’s appeal, the quality and its reliability makes up for over half of the satisfaction ratings, and over 40% of those surveyed who were happy with their vehicle will definitely purchase another of the same make.

Auto transport companies have long known this, however – most repeat customers tend to ship the same makes over and over again, especially if the auto transport company is well-liked by the consumer and does their job well. So it’s not just in the auto industry where satisfaction plays a major role in loyalty; if you enjoy Snickers bars, it’s probably because they satisfied you, right? If you like Pepsi, it’s because the drink satisfies you in ways that others can’t. And so it goes with vehicles. People have known about this for a long time, sure, but I guess J.D. Power thought it was newsworthy, and we just report the news.


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