Mike Jackson Spots More Fault

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Apparently, the recession is teaching the auto industry more than just to save pennies.

Mike Jackson, CEO of Auto Nation (America’s largest car retailer), has been vocal these past weeks analyzing the auto industry’s failures, how they plan to fix them and hope for the future. Jackson pinpointed, “the practice of building more cars than dealers can sell and then offering costly rebates to clear out bloated inventories had to end and cannot return.”

According the Detroit Free Press, Jackson also said, “It has always been a road to bankruptcy, but the dragon has been slain.”
Jackson must have had lots of experience during this recession, watching models sits on lots, unsold. Unfortunately, in the attempt to keep plant workers’ jobs intact, cars were in overproduction during the recession. No money equals no car sales. Jackson suggests that car companies report car sales to the general population more carefully, as opposed to reporting sales that include “fleet vehicle purchases” and other large group purchases in order to monitor the economic comeback.

Our auto shipping companies approve of the idea to think smarter for better business – which is something to try to do every day in our shops.


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