More than Forty?

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Chevrolet may have more to brag about with the new electric Volt than originally projected.

An article on reports that Chevrolet may be able to promote its Volt as being able to obtain 50 miles on battery power alone. Previous numbers claimed that the Volt could only go for 40 miles before the gas-powered engine kicked in. After the battery runs out, the Volt can reportedly go another 300 on a full tank of gas.

Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency will determine whether or not it is accurate to advertise the Volt being able to go for 50 miles on battery power. Driving factors affect how long the car can last on the battery, including road conditions, driving techniques, as well as other factors.

Chevrolet’s spokesperson Rob Peterson says, “We’ve had engineers to it. It’s not a pip dream.”

Our auto shipping companies are curious about the final numbers, and congratulates Chevrolet on the new Volt – regardless of the battery mileage.


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