Nissan Announces Upgrades

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Nissan plans to kick it up a notch this winter.

Nissan’s luxury brand, the Infiniti, announced they will release a performance sub-brand in December, comparable to BMW’s M-Series, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG and Cadillac’s V-Series, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The new Infiniti would be quite the stocking stuffer. While the horsepower does not compare to the other models the Infiniti is up against, it still will rise to an impressive 348 horsepower. The Detroit Free Press also reports the new model will include, “a high-flow exhaust system, viscous limited-slip differential, retuned steering, new badges, cosmetic tweaks and other modifications.”

This new line will feature more advanced versions of several vehicles in the Infiniti line. Auto Shippers is excited to see the aesthetic changes of the vehicles, as well as the improvement in the Infiniti’s performance. We’re also interested to hear how these vehicles will compare with the competitors – should make for an exciting holiday.


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