Nissan – Joke’s on Toyota?

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Humor is known to sell products, from Doritos to insurance. Now Nissan is incorporating this tried and true selling tactic in its new advertising campaign.

In a tactic usually seen in political campaigns, Nissan has decided to use its’ competitions weaknesses to paint themselves even rosier.

In the wake of Toyota’s disastrous year (brake troubles, bigger acceleration problems, and now stalling issues), Nissan seems to have decided all is fair in car sales and promotions. The new advertisements feature voice-overs by famed actor Robert Downey Jr. and cameos by Lance Armstrong. Rumor has it they also feature jabs at Toyota, making direct allusions to the braking and acceleration issues that plagued Toyota’s models this year, forcing a recall of millions of vehicles.

Whether this kind of advertising will help or harm Nissan’s sales, only the numbers will show. Either way, Auto Shippers is interested to watch the release of these advertisements, as well as Toyota’s reaction to the barbs.


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