Oprah’s Gift

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Oprah has spent her career giving, astonishing audiences world wide with generosity and foresight for those companies she chooses to promote. In late November, her audience received an incredible token for visiting the Oprah set.

According to an article with the Detroit Free Press, Oprah gave each of her 275 audience members a special holiday treat. Each of the audience members will receive a free 2012 Volkswagen Beetle when the car hits the market next fall.

This isn’t Oprah’s first vehicle giveaway. In 2004, she gave audience members each a brand new Pontiac G6. Reportedly, the press was fantastic for Oprah but not so great for Pontiac. The brand was closed last year, under General Motor direction.

The article says, “In addition to donating the cars, VW will pay all applicable taxes and fees for the new owners.” The new Beetle will feature, “…Bluetooth capability for hands-free phone calls and turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines.”

Our auto shipper companies applaud Oprah’s generosity – what a lady.


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