Cruze News

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As the electric car industry is discussed more and more often, it’s usually focused on what the new cars will be able to do. Of course, it is important to note that consumers are interested in how the new vehicles are going to look as well. An article with AOL Autos spotlights the look of one electric contender.

The Chevrolet Cruze was first spotted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, with lots of flashy details. Carscoop shared the first view of the Cruze, and AOL took advantage of the leak to put in their two-sense. According to the article, “…the front fascia looks less aggressive and ditches LED light strips for standard fog lamps. What’s more, the wheels will be smaller than the oversized auto show setup seen in Paris, and the rear tail lamps will most likely be toned down a notch.”

Fortunately, most of the Cruze is strikingly similar to the model seen in France. For other good news, visit our auto shippers website for a reasonable quote for your auto transportation needs.

Warranty Blunders

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Many of our blogs focus on the latest car news or what’s coming up for autos. For this blog, the writer decided to offer tips to help the average car owner in keeping up the quality of their current automobile. I found an article with AOL Autos that supplied lots of useful insight to a much-aggrieved subject – car owners staying within the perimeters of their warranties.

Many of us have (naively) voided our warranties by doing things that we wrongly think are insignificant. The article, written by car expert Tom Torbjornsen, sheds light on the top five mistakes that void warranties.

Torbjornsen recommends using the fluids “specified by the carmaker.” He also tells the reader to keep every receipt – it will come in handy as proof if there is a problem later. He also says do not do anything wild with tires and wheels – modifications like suspension, etc. Two other valuable tips – don’t modify the car and do not tow your car without the proper equipment.

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Ford Censors

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Censorship has finally reached the road.

According to an article with, Ford is using their technology to help keep teen drivers safe from inappropriate material. The article says, “The automaker will announce…that it will create a system that allows parents to block 16 channels on Sirius Satellite Radio that could carry raunchy programming.” The selected channels play scandalous programs and music, such as, “…Stern, Playboy, Hip-Hop Nation and Raw Dog Comedy.”

This new system will come into play in late 2011. The censored program is part of Ford’s MyKey system, which also limits speed and audio level. This system is doing well in tests, “Ford says 60% of the parents it surveyed liked the MyKey approach, because they get to be the censors.”

When teenagers are concerned, this writer thinks most drivers on the road will be grateful for certain restraints. For more reasons to be grateful, visit our auto shippers website.

Mustang Sold

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Many companies are realizing what they will need in the New Year, and what will be best for their products. The auto industry is no exception. shared in late December that, “Ford is surrendering Mustang’s sales leadership to General Motors and its Chevrolet Camaro for the first time since 1985.” This trade comes at a time when, “…Ford…[is] selling the hottest Mustang ever, with a whole new line of engines.” The article spotlights how this switch is in alignment with Detroit’s “new resolve” to do what’s best for the product. This makes sense, in a city that crumbled during the recession. Car companies seem to be making decisions based on what’s best for the car, not for the egos behind the engines. This is comforting for those in the market for a new car.

The recession seems to have put what’s important to the forefront in the auto industry, and that’s a reassuring movement.

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Snow Tires: A Necessity?

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As the much of the country was buried by a blizzard that dumped as much as two feet of snow in some areas, drivers were cautioned to stay home. While this is sound advice, if one has to venture out during winter (as we all eventually have to do), the Detroit Free Press offers one piece of advice.

Invest in snow tires.

Many people seem to think snow tires are an unnecessary cost. They think if tires are “all-weather”, than they must be good in every season. This has proven time and time again as not true- all the cars spun out on the highway as soon as snow begins to fall proves this as fallacy.

The article with the Detroit Free Press details why it’s so important to switch out tires as soon as snow begins to fall. The article says, “The tires use a special rubber formula that gets a good grip and remains flexible at low temperatures. Their tread pattern is designed to compact and grip snow.”

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Germany Snubs Its Own?

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It is interesting to see how nations interact with their products. Many Americans try to shop American – trying to keep income on American soil. But according to an article with, this isn’t the case in every country.

The article explores the phenomenon of German cars not selling in Germany. Many German car factories are not shutting down for the holidays – using the break between Christmas and New Year’s as a time to meet the high demand of their vehicles. Where are the BMWs, Audis, Porsches, and Mercedes going then? To China, to Brazil and to America. But in Germany? According to the article, “German luxury is still just that, a luxury. Sales slipped 25.2% in the first 11 months of the year.”

The article also says that, “Nine of the 10 top selling luxury nameplates in China are German.” Well, if they’re not selling Germany, at least they’re selling elsewhere.

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Stocks Thrive

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With the New Year coming, General Motors seems to have a lot to look forward to.

An article found on shared the good news of General Motors’ stock price. On Tuesday earlier this week, the stock closed at $35.32 per share. This is the highest price the stock has sold for since GM went public in late November.

According to the article, analysts believe that General Motors will most likely outperform (a term for doing better than the rest of the auto industry) over the next year.

The price target for General Motor stocks lie at $42 per share. “While GM faces challenges in Europe and the company faces substantial pension obligation, Johnson said those issues are manageable.” What does this mean? Johnson said, “We expect GM Europe to break even in 2012.”

This is remarkably good news for a company that was on its knees a couple of years ago. Many predicted the ultimate demise of the car company – but General Motors beat the odds and is poised to thrive.

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Gas Prices on the Up

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If Thanksgiving costs reflect future trends, than traveling for Christmas this year may get a bit costly for those going long distances this holiday season.

According to an article on, Thanksgiving gas prices soared. “The national average for a gallon of regular gas was $2.87…that’s up 14 cents from the $2.73 average at the start of October,” reported

As the economy goes up the incline, so do gas prices. The same article claims that the average gas price cost 25 cents more than they did in late November last year.

Our auto shipper companies hope that Santa will come through this year and somehow magically manage to keep gas prices low. This kind up of spike in prices is typical around high traveling holidays, but remains a blow to our wallets nonetheless. We recommend shopping around a bit before deciding on your gas provider – in this case, three cents may make a difference.

Enter Coda

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‘Tis the season for giving, and start-up car company Coda just received a large gift from Hertz car rental company.

According to an article with, Hertz has decided to, “…offer Coda electric sedans in California starting next year.” This is a huge break for Coda.

In the electric car market, their car going at $44,900 is a sharp incline from the $32,750 price tag for the Nissan Leaf. Besides the higher price, consumers are more likely to buy a car from a company that is already established and well known – rather than a new company charging much more for a similar product. Coda claims to have a “longer range” than the Leaf, but in a consumer’s eyes, our auto shipper companies aren’t sure this is going to matter.

The exposure through Hertz may be just what Coda needs to get their car sales going. We wish them good luck in their endeavors.

Possible Honda Investigation

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It looks as if Toyota isn’t the only car company that is having acceleration problems.

According to an article with, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is on the fence whether to put an investigation into effect dealing with the Honda Accord hybrid (it uses gas and electric).  Apparently, a woman involved in a car crash in 2005 that left her disabled and a passenger did filed a complaint. The article says, “She said her car crashed into oncoming traffic after she drove over rumble strips on the side of a highway. The vehicle lost braking power then accelerated on its own.”

If the investigation goes into affect, about 25,000 cars would come into question.

Honda is Toyota’s main competitor – our auto shipper companies would find it very ironic if the same acceleration problems plagued both car giants.