Promise for Kokomo

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Large investments are always good signs in a recovering economy, and Chrysler gave us one of these signs in late November.

Reportedly, an article on delivered the news that Chrysler will be investing a large amount of money in their Kokomo, Indiana plants. These transmission manufacturing plants are the same plants that President Obama and Vice President Biden visited at the end of last month.

The article says, “Chrysler…confirmed that it is planning to invest $843 million into its existing transmission manufacturing facilities…” These plants will produce, “…a new advanced front-wheel drive automatic transmission for future Chrysler Group vehicles.”

Including this large number, “…Chrysler’s total investment in U.S. facilities would climb to nearly $3 billion since June 2009.”

The best news about this investment is the preservation of over 2,000 jobs in Kokomo – a city that has been hanging by a thread since Chrysler closed the plant about two years ago.

Our auto shipper companies congratulate Chrysler and the citizens of Kokomo on this coup.


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