Record Recall Year

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Throughout the year, we hope this blog has become a touchstone of car news for the latest gadgets and newsworthy bits. We also hope it’s been a reliable source in a tumultuous year of recalls and confusion in the auto industry.

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this alarming trend. An article with at the end of the 2010 year explored this phenomenon.

The article says, “Led by Toyota, automakers recalled about 20 million vehicles in 2010, but the tally is far from a record.” In 2004, 30.8 million vehicles were recalled. The top culprits in 2010? Toyota, General Motors and Nissan closes the crew with about 2 million recalls.

The added press to the shocking amount of recalls made a noteworthy year for the auto industry. As we look forward to the coming year, hopefully automakers will fare better than what we just saw.

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