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Sometimes it takes a troubling experience to realize previously made mistakes. UAW President Bob King is no exception to this rule.

After a near death experience, King is publicly reflecting on where the Union has gone wrong over the past years. According to an article on, King “acknowledged that the union failed to anticipate demand for cleaner vehicles and the crippling costs of the job bank.” King says, “I don’t think we pushed hard enough for green vehicles early enough. I don’t think we understood the competition well enough.”

This observation may have come late, but are understandable blunders. In the early 2000’s, many saw the green movement as a threat to many workers’ careers. The union also provided laid-off workers with almost their full salaries. This was an attempt to “keep workers working”, but backfired when auto companies began to suffer due to the recession.

While there is nothing to be done about these mistakes at this point, our auto shipping companies applaud King for recognizing the problems and addressing them to the public.


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