Stocks Thrive

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With the New Year coming, General Motors seems to have a lot to look forward to.

An article found on shared the good news of General Motors’ stock price. On Tuesday earlier this week, the stock closed at $35.32 per share. This is the highest price the stock has sold for since GM went public in late November.

According to the article, analysts believe that General Motors will most likely outperform (a term for doing better than the rest of the auto industry) over the next year.

The price target for General Motor stocks lie at $42 per share. “While GM faces challenges in Europe and the company faces substantial pension obligation, Johnson said those issues are manageable.” What does this mean? Johnson said, “We expect GM Europe to break even in 2012.”

This is remarkably good news for a company that was on its knees a couple of years ago. Many predicted the ultimate demise of the car company – but General Motors beat the odds and is poised to thrive.

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