SUVs Still Contenders

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Compact cars held the spotlight for several years now. With low gas consumption on everyone’s minds as prices rise and environmental issues come to the forefront, most consumers assume that smaller is better.

According to an article with, SUVs are re-entering the stadium as contenders for new car buyers. The biggest factor is that SUV manufacturers are very aware of the gas crisis, and doing their best to lower fuel consumption in the lower vehicles. says, “Many new SUVs no longer have heavy truck frames, but are car-based, with unibodies that integrate that frame and body. That cuts weight and raises gas mileage.”

This news most likely helped the increase in sales, shown by an analysis performed by This research shows that there was an increase, “…to 32.4% of new vehicle sales last month, up from 29% a year ago and 25.9% in 2008.”

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