SUVs Still Contenders

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Compact cars held the spotlight for several years now. With low gas consumption on everyone’s minds as prices rise and environmental issues come to the forefront, most consumers assume that smaller is better. According to an article with, SUVs are re-entering the stadium as contenders for new car buyers. The biggest factor is that […]

Chrysler Financial Sold

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The U.S. economy’s suffering is no secret from the rest of the world. A few smart decisions prove to be fruitful for other countries as they take advantage of cheaper buying prices for businesses that may be worth the investment. The Detroit Free Press covered one thus business deal in late 2010. They report, “Toronto-Dominion […]

Exciting New Compass Features

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Over the years, Jeep became a symbol of adventure in the auto industry. The Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler are fun icons. With the new Compass, it looks as if Jeep is trying to create a dynamic trio. An article with featured a great review of the new 2011 Jeep Compass. Although there is […]

Imports from China?

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China has long been booming, even as America slowly struggled through a devastating recession. This success is easy to see in the recent new car buying frenzy. According to an article with, Chinese cities are beginning to crack down on the number of vehicles that will be able to be registered. Beijing, “…is going […]

Record Recall Year

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Throughout the year, we hope this blog has become a touchstone of car news for the latest gadgets and newsworthy bits. We also hope it’s been a reliable source in a tumultuous year of recalls and confusion in the auto industry. We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this alarming trend. An article with […]

Ford Explorer – King of Trucks

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At the end of the year, many take the time to reflect on what was done well that year and what could have been done better. The auto industry is no different. One article with explores the best of the best in trucks – and one vehicle came out on top. The two top […]

The Volt Reigns

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Electric cars are exciting. Electric cars may be the answer to many of the environmental issues created by gas-powered vehicles. Electric cars also have been raising eyebrows – are they a practical solution, or just another trend? One car is proving that the electric movement may well be the former. According to an article found […]

Ford Announces Recall

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With the New Year rolling in, it’s important for your vehicle to be in tip-top shape. This includes complying with all auto recalls when they are announced. While we are hoping that those who need to turn in their vehicles have heard by now, Ford announced a recall in late December. The affected vehicles include, […]

Cruze News

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As the electric car industry is discussed more and more often, it’s usually focused on what the new cars will be able to do. Of course, it is important to note that consumers are interested in how the new vehicles are going to look as well. An article with AOL Autos spotlights the look of […]

Warranty Blunders

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Many of our blogs focus on the latest car news or what’s coming up for autos. For this blog, the writer decided to offer tips to help the average car owner in keeping up the quality of their current automobile. I found an article with AOL Autos that supplied lots of useful insight to a […]

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