Record Recall Year

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Throughout the year, we hope this blog has become a touchstone of car news for the latest gadgets and newsworthy bits. We also hope it’s been a reliable source in a tumultuous year of recalls and confusion in the auto industry. We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this alarming trend. An article with […]

Nissan Announces Luxury Electric

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Nissan just announced its plans to enter the electric car ring, and they are doing it with style. In late September, Nissan released a sketch of the new luxury electric vehicle they plan to add to their line sometime later this year. The Detroit Free Press reports that the all-new Infiniti EV will be based […]

Welcome the Leaf

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Reservations aren’t just for popular restaurants. Consumer excitement is mounting for the wave of the future – electric cars. Nissan is enjoying this elevated excitement, as they reached their goal sale number for the new all-electric Leaf. According to an article on, Nissan obtained 20,000 reservations for the electric wonder. This goal was met […]

Nissan Announces Upgrades

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Nissan plans to kick it up a notch this winter. Nissan’s luxury brand, the Infiniti, announced they will release a performance sub-brand in December, comparable to BMW’s M-Series, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG and Cadillac’s V-Series, according to the Detroit Free Press. The new Infiniti would be quite the stocking stuffer. While the horsepower does not compare to […]

Nissan – Joke’s on Toyota?

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Humor is known to sell products, from Doritos to insurance. Now Nissan is incorporating this tried and true selling tactic in its new advertising campaign. In a tactic usually seen in political campaigns, Nissan has decided to use its’ competitions weaknesses to paint themselves even rosier. In the wake of Toyota’s disastrous year (brake troubles, […]