Record Recall Year

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Throughout the year, we hope this blog has become a touchstone of car news for the latest gadgets and newsworthy bits. We also hope it’s been a reliable source in a tumultuous year of recalls and confusion in the auto industry. We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this alarming trend. An article with […]

Possible Honda Investigation

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It looks as if Toyota isn’t the only car company that is having acceleration problems. According to an article with, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is on the fence whether to put an investigation into effect dealing with the Honda Accord hybrid (it uses gas and electric).  Apparently, a woman involved in a […]

Toyota Partners with Yellowstone National Park

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Auto Shippers congratulates Toyota on a large accomplishment for both the company and the nation. Toyota lent its engineers to Yellowstone National Park to lend a little of their know-how to the National Park’s engineers as they collaborated to build the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center. According to, this building is, “the first national […]

Keep Improving

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Toyota is hoping to plug into the electrical car industry in a big way. As government regulations tighten on car companies and the average fuel efficiency expectations, Toyota announces its hopes for a large improvement in the near future. Toyota plans to improve the miles per gallon of their cars by 25% from 2005’s numbers […]

Nissan – Joke’s on Toyota?

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Humor is known to sell products, from Doritos to insurance. Now Nissan is incorporating this tried and true selling tactic in its new advertising campaign. In a tactic usually seen in political campaigns, Nissan has decided to use its’ competitions weaknesses to paint themselves even rosier. In the wake of Toyota’s disastrous year (brake troubles, […]