Tension with China

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Tension is rising as new technology is about to made available to the public.

As electric cars become closer and closer to being made for public consumption, negotiations between America and China are becoming strained. According to an article from the Detroit Free Press, China is hoping, “Foreign automakers wanting to produce electric vehicles in China…could be forced to accept a minority stake in joint ventures with Chinese companies and required to share new electric-vehicle technology with them.” This proposal goes hand in hand with China’s desire to be, “a leader in electric-vehicle production within 10 years.”

The United States government has warned China about repercussions to these actions – fearing that there will be retaliation and foreign car companies will take their production business elsewhere.

Our auto shipping companies are curious to see how China will react to these warnings and how our government will react if they choose to ignore the provided advice. All we can do is stay tuned.


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