The Volt Reigns

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Electric cars are exciting. Electric cars may be the answer to many of the environmental issues created by gas-powered vehicles. Electric cars also have been raising eyebrows – are they a practical solution, or just another trend? One car is proving that the electric movement may well be the former.

According to an article found on, the Chevrolet Volt, “…solves a problem that stumped the auto industry’s best minds for a century. It combines the emissions-free operations and efficiency of an electric car with the quick refueling time and long driving range of a gasoline car.” What makes the Volt stand out among its electric competitors is the generator incorporated into the design of the car.

Another cool feature of the Volt – the battery is fully charged after only four hours of attachment to a power source. Once the battery is depleted, the generator turns on to produce even more juice. Combine this with a full gas tank, and the Volt can go 379 miles. Wow.

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