UK Drivers Enjoy Plug-In Electrics

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Despite evidence to the contrary, plug-in electric vehicles are only going to keep coming. In both Coventry and Birmingham, two cities in Britain, drivers have had a chance to test-own several different plug-in electric vehicles, and the results have been amazing. Most consumers, when they opted into the program, were worried about the range of the vehicles, but those proved to be fruitless; most drivers average just 23 miles of driving per day, which is well under the 100 mile range for the electric vehicles.

Auto transport companies are looking forward to more results soon as it could mean a major push for the electric vehicle industry – which is what the auto transport industry wants, because getting under the emission standards is proving to be tough, especially in California. But drivers aren’t just satisfied about the range; they also are enjoying the comforts, the safety and the lack of recharging hassles – most even took their vehicles onto major highways, just to see how they would perform under heavier conditions, and not one so far has had a bad thing to say about the electric vehicles.


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