UK Ford Customers Can Now Buy Online

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Ford has recently launched a new website in the United Kingdom which will allow customers to buy both new and used vehicles online. Ford’s research has shown that many people find dealer visits stressful and more still don’t like the idea of haggling over prices, so Ford decided to just cut the middle man and allow people to purchase online. Customers can then talk to 50 different dealerships, depending on their area, to close the deal, and can pick up their vehicle from one of twelve different pickup points across Britain.

This is good news for auto transport companies, especially those contracted by Ford to ship their vehicles to and from dealerships. But the coolest thing about the new program is that there is also a call center for those customers who don’t have a computer. Ford has tried this before in the United States but found itself blocked by local and state laws; hopefully they can find a way around that in the next few years, because this would be an amazing tool to have in the US, which is Ford’s number one sales market.


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