US DoE Provides Early Volt Buyers Free Charging Station

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I don’t like this one bit. And I’ll tell you why: government has no business with business. At least when it comes to promoting one. Now, I’m all for the government regulating the economy, because when they don’t, problems tend to arise (does no one remember the Great Depression?). But when the government decides to put its backing behind one company over another, bad things happen (hint: it’s called fascism). But enough of my commentary.

The US Department of Energy is providing free, fast home charging stations to some of the first buyers of the Chevy Volt. Already, 4,400 customers are eligible to recieve not just the 240V home charging station, but free installation of it as well, which is great news for Volt buyers but bad news for anyone looking at buying any other plug-in electric vehicle, such as the Leaf, because they’ll have to buy the station and pay for installation themselves.

Auto transport companies could care less, but it may be a good thing to know about because the DoE is looking into how electric vehicles are used by consumers, which could pave the way for more incentives and cheaper costs as more plug-ins become available, which is also good news for the auto transport industry as it would allow them to ship more of them. But at the end of the day, the government is helping out Chevy and not Nissan. That’s bad for Nissan, but good for Chevy, which…I guess is good for everyone?


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