VW and Ferrari?

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A smart car company not only creates great cars within their own group, but is also always on the lookout for ways to improve their fleet of cars with other brands. Volkswagen knows this as well as anyone, and according to an article with autoweek.com, they may have their eye on a very expensive prize.

German press is speculating that VW chairman Ferdinand Piech is looking to add Ferrari to his successful group. A German magazine called Manager Magazin wrote in its last issue that though, “…Piech has already said openly that he would like VW to buy Fiat’s Alfa Romeo marquee – but the ‘real object of his desire’ is Ferrari.” According to the same autoweek.com article, VW has the funds to easily buy the luxury brand. It is believed that Piech would be satisfied to even have a small piece of Ferrari under VW’s umbrella. Our auto shipper companies are curious to see what Piech will do with Volkwagen’s fortune.


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