Welcome the Leaf

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Reservations aren’t just for popular restaurants.

Consumer excitement is mounting for the wave of the future – electric cars. Nissan is enjoying this elevated excitement, as they reached their goal sale number for the new all-electric Leaf. According to an article on USAToday.com, Nissan obtained 20,000 reservations for the electric wonder. This goal was met three months before Nissan projected they would.

This is quite the feat, especially when the car is not available to test drive yet. Nissan has created a “Drive Electric Tour” in twenty-three U.S. cities to garner interest and give people a chance to try out the Leaf before it is available in dealerships.

The Leaf will be available in December for a reported $32,750. Federal and state tax credit will lower this price by thousands in different locations around the country.

Our auto shipping companies congratulate Nissan on meeting their sales goal, and want to share our excitement to try these new electric marvels on the road when they come to our cities.


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